Healthy Living Exhibitor Portal

As an Exhibitor at the Healthy Living & Allergy Free Show, this Exhibitor Portal is designed to assist with your planning and provide a central point to access your Compulsory Exhibitor Requirements.
WELLINGTON 11 & 12 September, 2021 – Information & Compulsory Requirements >>>

All exhibitors will be notified once the Exhibitor Information and Compulsory Exhibitor Requirements are available.

Extras, Utilities and Add ons will be available through the Compulsory Exhibitor Requirements when this is available closer to the Show.

Items added to your stand/exhibition up to and during the show will be invoiced separately post show.
These are available for sub hire through us:
– Power
– Spot Lights
– Printing & Branding
– Tables & Black Table Cloths
– Fridges – Single & Double Door

If you have any questions, get in touch with Adam – [email protected]

SCAM WARNING: You may randomly receive unsolicited emails, possibly regarding visitor details, attendee numbers or consumer data – please delete these. Call us if you’re concerned.
We do not provide your details to anyone or do not have any partners that should be contacting you – people selling contact lists / details are spam.